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What is the Fundamentals of Credit & A/R Management Certificate Program?
This program is designed for both new and experienced Credit and Accounts Receivable professionals looking to gain an advantage in their field. Upon successfully completing a series of on-demand virtual courses covering risk management, electronic payments, legal essentials in business credit, collections and deductions, you will receive a valuable certificate awarded by the Federation of Credit and Financial Professionals, endorsed by the Credit Research Foundation, as well as 1.7 CEUs!

Why/How will this program benefit me?
Whether you’re new to the field, or an experienced veteran looking for a refresher on the fundamentals, our virtual program offers a chance to add this certificate to your professional profile. Current and future employers will know that you’re well versed in the essentials of Credit & A/R Management, and shows your commitment to the discipline!

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Course Descriptions:

Credit Risk and Accounts Receivable Management

A series of 5 lecture sessions, optional reading material, exercises, downloads, class notes and self-assessment tests covering varied foundational components of the credit risk management function including:

  • Fundamentals of Credit
  • Department Structure
  • Decision Making Process
  • Collections, Deductions
  • Legal Aspects
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Credit Performance Evaluation
Electronic Payments/Cash Application

This course, designed in cooperation with Nacha (National Automated Clearing House Association), provides participants with an understanding and insight into the techniques and practices associated with the use of electronic payments.  It addresses the drivers for efficiency, consistency and straight through processing in the cash application practice. The course delivers the latest information on the use of electronic/ACH payments and best practices in change management associated with the reduction of paper checks. 


Approximately 2.5 hours of presentation material covers the following:

  • An overview of the nuances between the various types of electronic payments
  • The economics of ACH payments and the development of an ROI (Return on Investment) model for the transition from manual to electronic payments.
  • The change management skills required for successful implementation and the support and impact needed from IT, banking relations and treasury.
Principles and Practice of Commercial Collections

This course, developed in partnership with ABC-Amega Inc., provides participants with an understanding and insight into the importance of their role in the management of accounts receivable. It also provides concise and practical information for the end-to-end portfolio management of the collections process. The content is designed to educate business professionals in the field of collections, and to provide tips and techniques to help experienced collection professionals sharpen their skills.


Approximately 2.5 hours of presentation material covers the following:

  • The importance of establishing a collections process, whether your organization focuses on domestic or global receivables.
  • Understanding global considerations and impacts to your receivables while maintaining the integrity of your portfolio.
  • Techniques and vital skills required to successfully manage your collections process. This includes a video role play scenario that demonstrates methods discussed in the course.
  • Partnering with an Outside Collection Agency (OCA) to support your receivable management requirements, the tools that can be provided and the reporting that creates proactive insight into your delinquent customer base.
  • Legal aspects and process of B2B collections when pursuing attorney support as a resolution.
Advanced Deduction Management

This course, developed and delivered by Jessica Butler of Attain Consulting along with Diana Crowe (formerly) of IAB Solutions, is an exploration of how to systemically analyze deduction management techniques and how to employ best practices to improve performance and reduce the occurrence of future deductions. It is recommended for those who have experienced deduction issues or would like to gain an advanced view of the same.


Approximately 2.5 hours of presentation material covers the following:

  • Benchmarking Deduction Management Effectiveness
  • The 4 Critical Steps to Building Cross-Functional Teams
  • Negotiations Tips & Strategies
  • Enabling Technologies
  • Outsourcing Deduction Management
Legal Essentials in Business Credit

This course offers participants an overview of the fundamental elements in the field of receivable management and the basic legal issues and requirements pertaining to them. It is recommended for beginners in the field of receivable management as well as those who want to refresh or expand their knowledge of some of the fundamental legal aspects of credit management.


Approximately 2 hours of presentation material covers the following:

  • Credit Applications and Vendor Contracts
  • Fair Credit Reporting Act and Equal Credit Opportunity Act
  • Federal and State Antitrust Laws

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Fundamentals of Credit & A/R Management Certificate Program


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)



What courses are included in the Fundamentals of Credit & A/R Management Certificate Program?
The topics covered are an overview of the essential parts of Credit & A/R Management:

1. Credit Risk and Accounts Receivable Management
2. Electronic Payments
3. Collections
4. Advanced Deduction Management
5. Legal Essentials in Business Credit


Is the Fundamentals of Credit & A/R Management Certificate Program online or in-person?
This online program is designed to be flexible to accommodate your busy schedule. Students work at their own pace whenever and wherever they choose.


How long does it take to complete the program?
The four courses in this program require approximately 17 hours total of recorded content viewing time. Students can work at their own pace – and have up to one year from registration date to successfully complete the courses and receive their certificate.


Can I pay with a credit card?
You may use a personal or company credit card, and will receive immediate confirmation once the card is processed.


Do I need specific equipment to take an online class?
All you need is a computer, laptop, or tablet, and internet access. No additional materials are required.


Can I interact with the professor or speaker?
The certificate program is designed to be a self-study course. Once you complete the certificate program, more advanced and comprehensive proctored educational courses and classes are offered through our parent company, the Credit Research Foundation.


Are courses from other organizations transferable?
No. Students must successfully complete all four elements of this course in order to receive the certificate.


What do I do if I have technical difficulties while taking the class?
We’re here to support your success! Simply send an e-mail for help or assistance.



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