Microsoft Business Courses

Microsoft Business Courses

FCFP has partnered with Michael Management to bring you low cost education for all of your Microsoft Business needs!

Excel - an Introduction and Beyond

This is an introductory course in MS Excel spreadsheets. There are sample files to work along with the instructor as well as a self-correcting quiz that the course explains each challenge on the hands-on exercise type quiz. Even if you are already using Excel, you can benefit from this course as you may find that it fills some gaps and makes you a more efficient Excel user.

$69 – Click Here for More Info

Excel 2016 Intermediate

This course takes you well beyond the beginner stage to become an Excel power user. Learn the additional advanced skills you need to become more valuable at work. You will learn more advanced ways of working with data, how to master charts and graphs and how to work with dynamic formulas and named ranges. The course includes great exercise files as takeaways.

$219 – Click Here for More Info

Microsoft Teams Essentials

Teams can be your Wiki, your file system, your calendar, your text/conversation place, and your collaboration space! Learn to collaborate and communicate with Microsoft Teams. This short course covers everything you need to know in order to start using Microsoft Teams in just the first two lessons and then we will share with you Teams best practices.

$69 – Click Here for More Info

Power BI Masterclass - Foundations

Power BI is a useful tool that can combine different types of data to allow users to create meaningful reports and dashboards that tell a story. In this course, we will walk through the basics of creating these reports and dashboards. Your learning aims to take what is perceived as a complex subject and make it easy to understand and apply to your job.

$99 – Click Here for More Info

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