Tips and Tricks for Deductions Management from a Consulting Expert

This webinar will go over how to use existing data to:

  • Identify Problem Customers
  • Identify and correct Company Department Shortcomings
  • Improve DSO
  • Reduce/Eliminate certain Chargebacks
  • Quickly identify and categorize valid vs. invalid chargebacks
  • Create an Employee Performance Scorecard for review purposes
  • Anticipate valid chargebacks for Cash Flow/Budgeting purposes

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About the Presenter

Robert Prather

Robert Prather is an Accounts Receivable & Chargeback Management expert whose primary purpose is to recover money & determine causes/solutions for dilution. His reputation has always been synonymous with integrity, professionalism, and results. Banks, Factors, Accountants, & Attorneys have trusted him for over 30 years with their clients.  He helps Vendors/Manufacturers recover Past Due A/R & Manage/Collect Deductions (chargebacks). Robert has also provided Expert Witness Research & Testimony in areas of A/R, Deductions, and Vendor Compliance Issues. What helps make Robert so successful is his personal relationships with most Major Department/Chain Stores built over years of collaborative interaction.